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Hello. :) I'm Pika. I'm a 21 year old pansexual. I'm in college for criminology. I have a reblog problem. I usually follow everyone back. (Unless you post something that I really don't wish to see on my dash.) I am easily pleased and amused. I love bubble wrap. I'm obsessed with elephants and bats. I love my family. I talk about my pets a lot. I talk a lot in general. I like attention. I love making new friends, so drop me a line. I don't bite. Unless you're into that sort of thing. If that's the case, drop me a line anyways. :D


my girl angie knows privilege and can acknowledge that its not “ooo i worked harder to get here and if some women work this hard they could be standing here too”

but more like “my opportunities are better because i was born into a position thats easier to get them and i acknowledge that that is unfair”

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The person on the chair was Ruth Snyder, a woman convicted of killing her husband for insurance money. It was the sensational story followed by a tragic verdict–Ruth Snyder would become the first woman to be electrocuted since 1899. [Her adulterous partner Gray met the same fate].

“Ruthless Ruth,” the press called her; her story would become a Hollywood blockbuster with ‘Double Indemnity’. However, it was “the most famous tabloid photo of the decade” (as TIME-Life put it) that immortalized Ruth Snyder. (x)

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